Children's Roles

Many of our pupils have roles and responsibilities across the academy. They make a highly positive contribution to the life of the school and actively support the wellbeing of other pupils and members of our local community.

School Parliament

“I can't wait to discuss all of our ideas for each department and be the best School Parliament we can be!”
- Year 3 Member of School Parliament

Student’s opinions are very important and should play a key role in shaping the Academy. In order to achieve this, we have formed the School Parliament; key roles and groups within the Academy which allow pupils to have their say and to voice their opinions as well as supporting other students. All students involved in student voice have the opportunity to develop key skills of leadership, responsibility, team work, organisation, the opportunity to raise self esteem and build self confidence.

Each class are represented on the School Parliament by two children and the children represent different departments within the parliament depending upon their interests.

We have departments for:

  • Equality and Inclusion
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Enterprise
  • Health
  • Sport

What our School Parliament are saying:

“I'm really looking forward to helping people and to make our academy even better!”
- Year 4 Member of School Parliament

“I will always try my best to set a good example and make sure our School Parliament makes positive changes to our academy.”
- Year 5 Member of School Parliament

Mental Health and Wellbeing Champions

Our Mental Health and Wellbeing Champions are kind, helpful and supportive members from Year 3-6 who support children during social times in their bright t-shirts! Our MHWB Champions regularly take part in assemblies to share books promoting positive mental health; they supported the Mental Health Charity, Young Minds, by taking part in "Hello Yellow" Day and they also recognise acts of kindness around the academy by rewarding pupils with bucket filler tokens and continuously helping to spread the happiness across the academy.

E-Safety Officers

Our E-Safety Officers support the use and further the development of ICT across the academy. During Internet Safety Day they lead whole school assemblies and provide activities for all the different year groups to raise awareness on staying safe on the internet. They also get involved during Anti-bullying week to raise awareness of cyber bullying and offer advice and guidance of what it looks like; where children can find support and how to help put a stop to it.

Reading Ambassadors

Our Reading Ambassadors work enthusiastically alongside our English Coordinator to help promote a love of reading across our academy. They have opportunities to meet and interview visiting authors; visit classrooms to share book recommendations; organise the daily book donation point for all year groups furthermore keeping the academy library stocked and tidy. They have also begun to write their very own Newsletter.

Restorative Practice Ambassadors

As a restorative school we take a restorative approach to resolving conflict and preventing harm. Our Restorative Practice Ambassadors support the academy community by working with their peers to help prevent incidents from happening and resolving them if they do. Using this approach enables those who have been harmed to convey the impact of the harm to those responsible, and for those responsible to acknowledge this impact and take steps to put it right.

Play Leaders

Our Play Leaders play an important role at social times at Ledger Lane. All the Play Leaders have completed the Play Maker qualification and their main role is to provide fun, engaging activities to younger children in school. They work closely with Mrs Dunne, our Dinner Supervisor Play Leader, to ensure social times run smoothly and discuss any exciting ways that play times can be improved further. The Play Leaders also helped design our new KS1 playground markings and worked with Mr Phillips to purchase new sports equipment out of the Sports Premium funding.

Road Safety Officers

Our Road Safety Officers are passionate about keeping children safe as they travel to and from school. They have endeavoured to make the road outside our school safer by encouraging parents to sign a parking promise; they have organised poster competitions in school to raise awareness and also written to the council about the absence of 'no stopping' traffic regulation signs outside our school.