Reading in School

When children start in Reception, they bring home a free reading book of their choice which is simply a book to be enjoyed at home with you. Once they are ready and have completed the first two word walls, your child will bring home a reading scheme book. Throughout Reception and Key Stage One, specific letter sounds and words are sent home to practice.

Our home reading scheme books are Oxford Reading Tree and Project X. Both the Oxford Reading Tree and Project X books begin at lilac and end at lime. Once your child is ready/lime books are completed, they become a free reader and can bring home any book of their choice.

Oxford Reading Tree: These books are to consolidate your child’s reading and build on their fluency.

Project X: These books are phonics focused, which match your child’s current phase in phonics.

Accelerated Reader is used from Year 2- Year 6 in school. The children read a book matched to their current reading age and then complete the comprehension quiz online. All classes have Accelerated Reader displays, which show the current word count for each child and their overall class total. We also hold an end of year celebration assembly and award book vouchers for our highest boy and girl word count in each year group.

Throughout school we use reading characters to support the eight strands of the curriculum (A-H). Please see attached the character reference sheet, which can be used to prompt discussions when reading with your child at home.