Our approach

Mathematics is an interconnected subject in which pupils need to be able to move fluently between mathematical ideas. As an academy we merge and adopt the Singapore and Shanghai approach to maths through the use of high quality textbooks (Power Maths) and Same Day Intervention.

The textbooks, which run from Reception-Y6:

  • Are accessible and introduce concepts in a highly scaffolded way, enabling all children to develop critical thinking skills, make mathematical connections and become confident mathematicians;
  • Are built on a concrete – pictorial – abstract approach, ensuring secure foundations and deep understanding of mathematical concepts;
  • Support an exciting growth mind-set and problem solving approach to help spark a curiosity and excitement for maths and equip children with deeper understanding.
  • Are written specifically for UK curriculum classrooms by leading mastery experts from around the world and recommended by the UK’s Department for Education.
  • Offer an enriched approach that cleverly combines interactive teaching tools, rich and quality textbooks and practice books.
  • Are fully aligned to the National Curriculum and are recommended by the DFE.

Same Day Intervention

We believe that same-day interventions are vital in order to keep the class progressing together. We ensure that:
- Intervention is focused on keeping up now, not catching up later, so interventions happen as soon as they are needed.
- We provide a timetable that allows for teachers to respond to the emerging needs of pupils immediately.

Useful Information

My Maths


What is My Maths?

MyMaths is a whole-school interactive resource for use in the classroom and at home that is easy to use alongside any other maths resources to consolidate learning. It provides support with children’s learning in maths both in school and at home.

  • A whole school solution that sits perfectly alongside all UK National Curriculum that is easy to use alongside any other maths resources and schemes.
  • Activities develop pupils’ confidence and fluency in maths, through hundreds of lessons and self-marking homework tasks, worksheets, and games.
  • The online Assessment Manager helps us to see, at a glance, all activity completed by pupils, allowing teachers to track progress.

Using My Maths at Home

  • Homework questions are randomly generated to provide limitless practice and instant marking provides immediate feedback for pupils and teachers.
  • Homework results can be seen within the MyMaths Assessment Manager, with a traffic light system which allows teachers to see, at a glance, whether a student is on track to reach their goal.